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About my Offerings

Welcome to my site. My name is Aurora Lagattuta and I run Aurora Dances. Aurora Dances offers private sessions, workshops, classes and performances that provide pathways to connect you with your body's innate wisdom and creative power. 

How do the body & creativity work together?

The body is the primary teacher and starting point for this work. The body is the gateway to our unconscious and our intuition. The body, like nature, is innately creative. The body is an artist and so are you. 

Yes, I believe whether you identify as an artist of not, creativity breathes, lives and moves through you. Often unnoticed. Or sometimes intentionally quieted. But it is always present waiting for you to listen. Because creativity is the language of our heart. And when we listen to it... change, activism, healing, community-making and fun can we had. 

Which is why I combine my 15 years of working with the body in the Fine Arts, Somatic and Healing fields. This includes my work with shamans in Hawaii and Japan as well as my experience teaching and choreographing in Europe, the U.S., Bali, India, and New Zealand. I share energetic techniques and somatic knowledge with transformational creative practices. You can expect guided visualizations, breathe-work, body-mind awareness and relaxations, shamanic journey work, embodied storytelling, and authentic movement. You can also expect a safe place to look within and explore you body as a place for symbiotically knowing: yourself, your desires, your needs, your community, and your environment. 

Despite being with us our whole life, people often tell me that they feel disconnected from their body. Although we might forget painful moments or times life tested us most, the body remembers. Our path to healing begins with shifting our relationship with our body. (Which can be a true challenge in a body controlled culture.) Our bodies, like any relationship, need to be nourished, expressed, and listened to. This work requires gentleness, courage, and a committed effort. Sometimes the body leads us to places within ourselves we had forgotten. And sometimes the messages are hard to hear. But always the body leads us to our creativity, the language of our hearts. My offerings provide you with practical tools for getting in touch with the wisdom that lives within your pulse waiting to be heard. 

My Philosophy

The mistreatment and disconnect with our planet is directly connected to our mistreatment and disconnect with our bodies.

I believe that the body is the teacher. It holds our truths, our deepest desires and the pathways to achieve to those desires. I see myself as someone who shares bridges and translations that connect you to your body's truths. But the healing work is truly done by you and your body. My work is a bridge, you are the healer of you and it is an honor and a privilege to share and witness the wisdom and expression that your body naturally inhabits. 

All bodies, regardless of age, shape, and abilities, have their own unique set of sensations or voices which desire to be heard. Learning to listen to our body's voice re-connects us to the power that we each hold. I believe listening to our body is a radical and brave act of love for our bodies and our earth. As we transform our relationship to our bodies, we naturally transform our relationships with our environment. 

I am passionate about sharing tools that empower all bodies to unearth the intuitive expression that their body naturally holds. My greatest aim is to educate and provide reusable techniques that clients can take with them, recycle, reinvent, and make their own. I believe that you and your body's wisdom is needed now for personal, communal, and environmental change. 

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