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For Edgewalkers 

who belong between everywhere & nowhere

Group Dance

quick details:

Who can join?

Anyone with a desire to move their body,  a bit of courage to be vulnerable & a commitment to show up. No prior experience needed. 

When am I expected to dance?

Thursdays March 16- April 27 6:30-7:30pm CT

Dancers are expected to attend as much as possible. Need to be at April 27th rehearsal and shows.




Holy Family Community Center

1715 Izard Street, Omaha, NE 68102


Performances and rehearsals are completely supported via donations. Donations are appreciated but by no means mandatory and should not deter your involvement. DONATE HERE  

 *We understand life happens and will accommodate as best as possible while also honoring those who attend most rehearsals.

A Bit More Info

Some questions guiding the work:

-How can our sense of not belonging lead us to a truer sense of belonging?

-In what ways can disconnection lead to belonging in both body and place?

-What if the history of Holy Family Community Center could re-member one's personal understanding of place?

This is an experimental and community-inclusive dance.

Ok so what does that mean?

It means we will draw from contemporary dance, somatics, embodied meditation and Butoh. Dance forms that will ask you to tune into your body in order to generate movement as opposed to mirroring the movement of a teacher.

Who can join? 

It is for dancers/movers who are curious to practice dance as both a self-reflexive and collaborative process. As we dance alone and together, we will explore the edges of our belonging to ourselves and the places we dance within. We will be looking especially at places within and without that feel neglected, shunned or shamed as entryways for creativity. 


What should I expect?

Movement inspired by internal processes and reflection. We will generate choreography from journaling, breathe and meditation as opposed to step by step direction. We will look to the energetic pathways of the body to inform the quality and intentionality our movement. You can expect solo work mixed with group collaboration. No specific training needed. We are looking to unravel- should, could haves and if only's in the body and our stories. So even if you feel you don't move well or silly or whatever... you are welcome. We are looking for bravery to be raw and real-- which will be different for every person at this moment in their life. 


What to bring?

You. Your body, emotions, thoughts, discomforts and cares. A journal and/or something to write in and with. 

Common questions:

Can I miss a rehearsal?

Yes. We understand people have lives and things come up. However, we ask you attend as many rehearsals as you can to support your work & the group. We ask you attend as much as possible and need to be at the last rehearsal before the show (April 27th). 

Can I miss the performances?

No. Sharing and allowing yourself to be witnessed is a big part of this project. You can drop in and try a class in March, but if you stay, we want to watch you.

Is a dance background needed?

Nope. However, I have had professional and heavily trained dancers join and get a lot out of the work. I have also danced with people who used to dance or always wanted to, join and bring so much to the group! Each body has an expression and is welcome. There is no "right" type. 

How do we work both together and separate?

Together: We will understand that each person we witness, with the things we both like and dislike, are doorways to our self discovery. Therefore, we will play and explore with respect and good boundaries. Contact/Touch, when/if used, will be clearly explained  and detailed with consent. Feedback will also be structured with attention to dancers' specific needs/desires as well as cues to notice and reflect as an observer. 

Separate: Each dancer will have a personal inquiry of something they would like to unravel within themselves related to their sense of belonging. You will be guided and led  each week. Dancers will need to simply bring your honest questions. See timeline for more details. 

More questions? Write me at


Timeline... aka how will we make a dance in two months?

March 16 - April 27, 2023

April 6, 2023

Thursdays. 6:30-7:30pm. Weekly rehearsals. Space will be open at 6:15 for arrival and till 7:45/8 for any chat. We will work each week on "simultaneous solos." Each dancer will have material that they will continue to work on creating each week based on the prompts and guidance of the week. (Kinda of like writing a story, you will re-read and add each week with some feedback from group). Over time, we will play with these solos overlapping and interacting with other members of the group. (You don't have to worry about that, Aurora will guide.) This format allows for absences and flow of members. This format allows each dancer to take responsibility for their dance while also giving space for co-creation, happy accidents and absences. 

"Doors close." You are welcome to come for one class and see if this is the right fit for you! However, by March 30th, we will close doors to newcomers joining. This respects the time of dancers attending and it allows the group the container to deepen in friendship. 

Dress Rehearsal & Performances April 27, 28 and 29, 2023

Two evening performances at Holy Family Community Center. These performances are donation-based and open to the public. It is an opportunity to be brave and share our dance stories as an offering to our community. Dancers are expected to attend BOTH performances as well as the dress rehearsal/last Thursday rehearsal on April 27, 2023. 


How will we make a dance in time? We will. (And Aurora will handle that part.) It always comes together. It is never finished necessarily but sharing it helps to clarify and highlight pieces of the work for both dancer and audience.   Don't believe me, please read what past dancers have said or check out past shows all listed below:


"Aurora is not only a warm and engaging person to do vulnerable work with, she is also deeply knowledgeable in her areas of expertise, and keeps the mood interesting and playful. I felt like I could trust her to help me stay rooted and feel safe while exploring uncomfortable and scary places within myself." 

Abby M., Musician

Offerings: Personal Practice Course

Female Dancer

What is an edgwalker?

I write for the edgewalkers...those

Who belong between everywhere and 

No where. 


You know who you are

By knowing who you aren’t.

You know your dance

By knowing what it isn’t.

You know where you are heading 

By understanding all that you have left behind.


You know how to surrender

In order to truly rise up.

You know how in letting go

you opened your heart to the fullness it holds. 


You know that in loneliness

You found the community of self.

And in your bravery to stand alone

You found something like what most call “home.”


You know that in your dying 

You led your ancestors to new life.


You braved the fires

When no one was watching. 

Without pretense your scars glow

Bright like constellations

Which shine but cannot be shone. 


For edgewalkers.

Who belong between

Everywhere and 

Know nowhere. 

Now here.

This is not the first time Aurora Dances has made a community-inclusive dance.
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Dance Class
For those students who cannot attend live or would like to do both, I am am offering an Edgewalker Workshop Saturday, March 11th 11-2pm CT.
Includes a private session with me. Details below. 
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