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Welcome to my readings...

My intention is to offer readings that empower you to connect with your body's intuitive wisdom for personal & planetary transformation.

My readings are energetic & embodied. They are always two parts: we look at the cards & then we integrate the messages into your body: the true place of transformation.  


Barbara, Social Worker/Artist

Aurora has a calm expertise. The way she explained the cards was to the point & informative...exciting.... and felt really good. As a result I haven't  2nd guessed myself this past week . I felt more confident in expressing myself & enjoying the moment ...Thank You! 

I highly recommend because her attention & insight were so helpful for me to be able to tune into myself & I felt better!

Offering: Owl Live Reading

Diana, Entrepreneur

The reading was amazing. Everything was full of guidance, understanding and higher purpose. Afterwards, I felt so light, like I was floating in a bubble of white energy. 

Besides the healing and clarity that I got from the reading, I also got some powerful tools!  That was very important to me: being able to have those tools for future reference whenever I feel the same way. It was truly an incredible experience! 

I would definitely recommend it. Especially to someone that might feel stuck or at a crossroads.

Offering: Phoenix Live Reading

Manual, Teacher

Transformational. And at 65, I do not  say that often. 

Definitely recommend.

offering: Hummingbird Recorded Reading.

My Reading Offerings

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

    About Me

I never thought I would end up offering private energetic and embodied readings.  A little over 12 years ago I got my first oracle deck. The cards provided me life-changing insight. In short they helped me live a life more connected to my inner power and truth.

Now I have been offering readings for over a decade. My readings are certainly influenced by my 15 years of bodywork: teaching yoga and dance. I see the energy of the cards in the body and understand that how we feel in the body is our place of truth, power & transformation. 


The truth is I LOVE doing readings. I feel HONORED to assist the beautiful souls who come to me with big and small challenges, questions and life changes.

They are my teachers too. They have become the living cards for me. Thank you for being here.

For more info about me and my story and experience please go to my story page.   

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