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Earth moves Body/Body moves Earth

observations from improvisation and Maria Pappova

my body is earth/ earth is my body

I move me/ I move earth/no, earth moves me

moving us...

this isn't it. it's freer

like moving dirt between my fingers and toes

or air like breathe on and in me

breathing in slow and sometimes fast

and water like blood pulsing through me like waves

in the ocean and fire as the heat sweating as my body

moves/is moved

Moving earth, I move to somehow love, touch, caress


I move to love earth and somehow I feel the earth over back

to hold me

in her natural containment. this body, this planet. round

limitless containment of elements and spirits.

a freedom and a holding that leads to know

and not know freedom

somehow we let go, crumble and crumble and crumble

because our love holds us from all sides it grounds us

like gravity. like my hips, my torso moving in circular patterns

I feel the temperature of the air and the layers of warmth

provided by the sun pulsing through leaves to my skin

to the earth beneath me making shadows

We (the earth and me) are in a moment a kind of oneness

that isn't oneness at all

but a varied, messy and shifting thing

yet constantly in this thing called body and the thing called earth

really, its just a movement, a gesture that asks to be with both

to hold and give space- to love

and permission for both to be and to change and to grow, naturally arises

I have gratitude that all I need to do is to move feet, bone and listen

to the earth unfolding herself to me, to us.


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