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The Human Body Time Machine

Forum Theater, April 12, 13 and 14th at 7:30pm, 2018

The Human Body Time Machine is an immersive dance performance that creates a “meditative playtime” for audience to experience the movement of time. This new work features a diverse array of dancers from various backgrounds, abilities and ages. Immersive and exploratory in nature, the performance consists of several playing spaces created through choreographic, set, light and video design. This multi-media performance communicates through virtual as well as material presences in a performance ecology that integrates fragments of reality, virtuality, water and imagination. The audience is free to walk, pause and saunter through these constructed spaces in order to conceive different temporal encounters.

The Human Body Time Machine is an extension and elaboration upon my recent performance work that I created at the Shiro Oni Artist Residency in Onishi, Japan this past summer. This new work aims to create sensorial experiences that investigate how one experiences and transforms the various moments of time harbored within the body.

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