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hOlie luna

a film

hOlie luna is an intimate, lunar journey that explores the truths of our plural identities, inner-connectivity and personal power. As the moon reflects the light of the sun, so too do humans reflect the emotional, body language of others. Inspired by this reflective relationship, we are investigating how we know ourselves, others and the world through kinetic experiences in order to create an empathetic, (as opposed to purely visual,) knowing.

Choreography by Aurora Lagattuta
Videography by Tony Allard

Dancers: Ian Isles, Aurora Lagattuta and Chelsea Zeffiro
Music by Jamie Shadowlight

Recorded in the studios of California State University, San Marcos:
Blake Schilling - Studio Manager 
Damon Adamo - Set/Tech Specialist
Sean Morris - Camera & Audio Technician
Brandon Stevens - Camera & Audio Technician

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