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IDEAS Festival, CaliT2 Theater, January 25, 2018

Cetacea is a sonic and video installation dance performance that contemplates oceanic time-scapes. This new work elaborates upon Lagatttuta’s prior solo, Inside the Whale, and further develops movement as well as sound and video research on the temporal experience of cetaceans (primarily whales and dolphins). This multi-media performance communicates with and through virtual as well as material presences in a performance ecology that integrates fragments of reality, virtuality and imagination. Cetacea aims to transport the audience into reflexive states around how one experiences time and underwater landscapes. Cetecea is a collaboration between choreographer, Aurora Lagattuta, visual artist/projectionist, Maya VanderSchuit and composer, Kevin Zhang. 

Dancers: Lauren Christie, Marcos Duran, Katie Gilmore and Aurora Lagattuta

Lighting Design by Minjoo Kim

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