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The People's Opera House


An interactive dance opera choreographed and directed by Aurora Lagattuta with technical design by Tony Allard supported by the  Malashock's Engagement Ring Series. January 16. 2016


People’s Opera is a dance and audio-visual collaboration between choreographer, Aurora Lagattuta and video animation professor, Tony Allard. The People's Opera house engages the audience in an immersive performance installation, which combines choreographed and improvised dance, real time and pre-recorded video projections, live audio mixing, digital drawing and animation on mobile devices. Travelling through a series of six rooms named after Italian Opera motives, the audience will actively participate in the co-creation of live music, video projections, poetry and dance through the use of audio-visual technology. True to its name, this work aims to create an opera playfully, yet artfully, made by the people present.

Choreography and Direction by Aurora Lagattuta

Technical Design by Tony Allard

Performances by: Rachel Torres, Ian Isles, Alisha Solan, Jade Solan, Alice Astarita, Anna Covici, Shannon Walsh, Cynthia Gutierrez

Music by: Jamie Shadow light, Erik Herrera, Naomi Bartus, Jonathan Blake, Nina Leilani and Maina Martin

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