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Where the Clouds Grow

an intimate dance ritual
for transforming grief and loss
into potential growth and change.

February 13, 20 and 27, 2024
8:30 -9:45 pm CT/ 6:30-7:45 PT


Through my tears/
I found god in myself/
and I loved her fiercely/
loved her fiercely.

-Ntozake Shange
 Please join us in a three-week dance process to explore the seemingly invisible ways in which we move alone and together through grief. Inspired by the works and words of both known and overlooked past female artists and activists from bell hooks to Ana Mendieta to Sophie Scholl. Where the Clouds Grow invites participants into a quiet  dance ritual in order to reveal insights that might otherwise go unnoticed.
This offering consists of:
-Three online zoom classes (recording available if cannot attend live).
- Community and connections with all consenting participants.
- Downloadable file of the dance with original music and poetry 

The first part of the class offering will be a guided 22- minute dance ritual. This guided audio includes storytelling and simple movement prompts. The directions are poetic and encourage mind-body awareness. It is already recorded with original music to ensure quality as well as the ability to be repeated. Audio choreography & texts by Aurora Lagattuta; Original music composition by Kathryn Schulmeister.

The movement portion provides space for dancers to explore and adjust to their own ability and energy level that day. A dancer could lay on the floor if they choose or spin around, all options are valid. Having video on is encouraged but also not mandatory should a dancer also desire privacy to explore. Internal experience and exploration is emphasized for this portion. Group sharing and observation leads to the second half of this class offering. 

The second part of the ritual is an open and guided circle to share with each other. This time allows each participant an opportunity to give voice to their dance experience as well as listen, learn and connect with the rest of the group. This sharing can be vulnerable but speaking to one's experience can also be validating. Sharing and listening to each other about the experience can also provide clarity and insight. 

We will repeat the dance each week, which provides a special opportunity to go deeper into oneself. The repetition will provide the depth needed to explore this ritual and witness its effect. That being said, the dance will be available as a downloadable file for all participants to repeat again as and whenever they might see fit.
No specific dance training needed to join, just a willingness to move & explore.

Space is limited. To join, email:
Participation is completely donation based. Suggested donation is $111-222* 
* No one turned away, email if cost is an issue. 
Any other questions or concerns, please reach out :)

Make a donation here to register:
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