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Inside the Whale


Dentro de la Ballena (Inside the Whale) is a multi-media, bilingual, solo dance performance that tells the tale of Penelope, a woman swallowed by a whale.

Inside the Whale is an award winning interdisciplinary solo created and performed by Aurora Lagattuta, who toured the work across Europe, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. As the Huffington Post explains, “We were as struck by Aurora’s imaginative storyline as we were by her warm spirit and pursuit of empowerment. The performance worked toward a cause dear to our hearts in a language we had never heard before,” Inside the Whale addresses relevant issues around body image, interconnected identities, and ocean ecology awareness through a refreshingly new interdisciplinary voice.

This solo won Best Multi-Media Solo at the United Solo Festival on Broadway in NYC, the United Solo Europe Award which took this work to the United Solo Europe Festival in Warsaw, Europe and The Best Solo at the Los Angeles Women's Festival. The solo was also supported by Palacio de Festivales Artist Residency and was a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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