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A Film Program
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January 12-24, 2021


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​Aurora Dances:



Ren Gyo Soh:
Venmo: @YokkoSien

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Jan. 12-24, 2021

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Film Maudit 2.0


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Hollow Bone (20mins) 
a film by Aurora Dance
Performance & Choreography by Aurora Lagattuta 
Music Composition by Kathryn Schulmeister

Videography by Nico Nelson & Aurora Lagattuta

Oblivion (7 mins)
a film by RenGyoSoh
Choreography & Direction & Video Editing by Yoshiko Sienkiewicz
​Performance by Miles Butler, Annie McCoy, Yokko
Music Composition & Design by Paul Michael Henry 
Cinematography by KrzySien

No One (20mins)
​a film by Ren Gyo Soh
Performance & Choreography by Yokko
Music Composition by César Dávila-Irizarry
Cinematography by KrzySien
Video Editing by Yoshiko Sienkiewicz 


Hollow Bone Trailer

Hollow Bone is a dance fable made for today. Like an ancient folktale passed through generations, this dance listens to the songs passed through rocks and bones, water and veins, sand and flesh. Hollow Bone asks both the earth and the body, "What of the dead can be called forth to help birth the new?"

The festival has ended but you can purchase work here: 

More Info:

Hollow Bone (20 mins) 

Performance & Choreography by Aurora Lagattuta 

Music Composition by Kathryn Schulmeister

No One (20mins)

Performance & Choreography by Yokko

Music Composition & Design by César Dávila-Irizarry


Description of No One

Our bodies are tamed in this society. We are forced to keep our spirits caged. When we unleash the deepest and most primal parts of our true selves, do we get lost in the destruction or do we find our way to breathe in this world we live in now as boundless no ones.


Yokko is an award-winning Japanese artist who has acted in, devised and choreographed a variety of local and international shows and films. Recently, her Butoh work has been seen in several music videos including I Don’t Know Where We Went Wrong (2020) - HOKO, Ready To Let Go (2019) - Cage The Elephant. She is the artistic director of a new york based Butoh & Theatre group, Ren Gyo Soh ( Her website:


César Dávila-Irizarry is an award-winning composer from Puerto Rico. He is mostly known as the main composer of the theme song of the hit TV show American Horror Story.

Bios for Hollow Bone:

Kathryn Schulmeister is a bassist and interdisciplinary artist praised for her “expressive and captivating performance” ( She currently enjoys an international performing career as a soloist and collaborator with ensembles around the world such as the ELISION Ensemble, Fonema Consort, Klangforum Wien, and Ensemble Dal Niente. Website:

Aurora Lagattuta is an interdisciplinary performer and choreographer whose work has been presented across the U.S.A., Europe, Asia and New Zealand. The Huffington Post describes her work as "otherworldly and empowering" and she is known for creating community-inclusive performances that engage with dance as a means for personal and environmental transformation. She is the founder and director of Aurora Dances, which is currently based in Sequim,WA.

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