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EarthBody Ritual

Listen to your body. Listen to the earth. 


A 30-minute live guided meditation that connects you with your body's intuition. We will be working with the earth's crystalline grid as well as the body as a source of knowing. Be led through embodied relaxations, visualizations, and breathe work to tune into your body's messages. Each EarthBody Ritual includes a timely channelling as well as meditation tools for sharpening your intuition and connection with the earth. 

Monthly recording. 

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Aurora is not only a warm and engaging person to do vulnerable work with, she is also deeply knowledgeable in her areas of expertise, and keeps the mood interesting and playful. I felt like I could trust her to help me stay rooted and feel safe while exploring uncomfortable and scary places within myself." 

Abby M., Musician

Offerings: Private Session, Workshop

My Philosophy

The mistreatment and disconnect with our bodies is directly connected to our mistreatment and disconnect with the earth.

I firmly believe that the body is the teacher. It holds our truths, our deepest desires and the pathways to achieve to those desires. I see myself as someone who shares bridges and translations that connect you to your body's truths. But the healing work is truly done by you and your body. My work is a bridge, you are the healer of you and it is an honor and a privilege to share and witness the wisdom and expression that your body naturally inhabits. 

All bodies, regardless of age, shape, and abilities, have their own unique set of sensations or voices which desire to be heard. Learning to listen to our body's voice re-connects us to the power that we each hold. I believe listening to our body is a radical and brave act of love for our bodies and our earth. As we transform our relationship to our bodies, we naturally transform our relationships with others and our environment. 

I am passionate about sharing tools that empower all bodies to unearth the intuitive expression that their body naturally holds. My greatest aim is to educate and provide reusable techniques that clients can take with them, recycle, reinvent, and make their own. I believe that you and your body's wisdom is needed now for personal, communal, and environmental change. 

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