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December, 2020: Expand into the Unknown

When we cannot see in front of us, we are not blind.

We can feel the ground underneath us

And let the dark earth guide us.


When we can longer see the plan, we are not lost.

The air surrounds us, breathing us with inspiration

Invisibly flying us into new directions.


When we no longer know who to lean on, we are not alone.

Heart strings of light glow around us and within us,

Weaving us into a web of light, of love, of connection.


When we can no longer do, we are enough to be.


In being, we shine.

In being, we allow the earth’s path to walk us

In being, we allow the air’s wings to lift us.

In being, we allow the web of light to hold us.


For December, I am an offering a meditation to help you expand into new possibilities and connect with a greater web of support. Often, we can limit ourselves or play small when we try to control or plan things for ourselves. Sometimes we forget that surprises can be good and the unexpected doesn’t always need to be fearful. In this meditation we work with the body’s expansive energy to expand and grow into the brightness, support and connection all around us. Enjoy.

December Lightbody Expansive SelfAurora Lagattuta
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November, 2020: Expansive Heart

November Lightbody Reading

November Lightbody Reading

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