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This course is for those who are truly serious about transforming their relationship with their bodies and personal movement practice. It is a journey of embodied self-discovery, personal empowerment and spiritual growth. 


This course looks at each body’s unique dance as a source of untapped power. It looks specifically to the energy system of the body as the main source of guidance. It uses ancient tools from the Yogic energy system, Qi Gong and Balinese dance with modern somatic practices that include Authentic Movement, Butoh, and Contemporary Dance. Participants will be provided with guided meditations, visualizations, shamanic journeys and guided movement practices. The aim of this course is to reconnect you with your own personal dance practice, which can be a source of wisdom, inner knowing and power throughout your life. 


The course consists of 10 one and a half hour sessions and 1 private live zoom session with me.  You will be emailed the links to the 10 video sessions which you can complete at your own time and pace. 

The first half of the course provides a stable groundwork for establishing your practice. The second half provides space for each participant to discover their personal ‘embodied voice.' Participants will leave the course with tools for a rich and resilient personal dance practice. They will also have gained skills in leading movement that they can share, teach and expand upon in their respective fields. 


Dance can be seen and used for many different purposes. For the purpose of this course, dance is understood as an ancient and innate source of embodied wisdom. It is available to all bodies regardless of ability, age and background.

No specific dance or physical training is required for this course. Simply a willingness and curiosity to deepen one’s body awareness is all that is required.

Personal Practice Course

$300.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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